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Queue Reports - Performance Report Cell value error


Hi, Community

I've generated the Performance Report using the Queue Reports VBO downloaded from the DX. In the Performance Report, I noticed that the Median Case Times field is broken. Is there any pre-requisites to run this VBO safely or did I miss some settings? Your help would be much appreciated.



HongJoo Choi

Level 15

Hello HongJoo,

These are great but old reports that were create by Blue Prism consultants many... many years ago (I was the last person to apply some fixes maybe 6 years ago.. @John Carter was the guy who created them originally over 10 years ago?).  I doubt the are in anyway supported in an ongoing way.

Num! errors suggest that there is a calculation error of some sort,  considering this report worked fine for years without such problems this could either be because of a Blue Prism product change that has not been matched by a change in the report.  It it potentially be a date/time issue related to global use (we only ever used it in UK all those years ago).   
It could also be something different about your process - I see the name is WQ_Generate, is this a business process being worked (what this report was created to report on) or is this some kind of background task process where case time is almost instant.  It could be something as simple as a divide by zero error in a report we never expected so never built in robustness for.

To fix the report you are going to have to dive into it.  It is in reality just a BP process using the Work Queue actions and the Excel actions with some calculations - so not anything too difficult.  I would recommend steping through it in debug mode to get familiar with it and to get to the point where it is calculating the average times.


The latest version of the VBO is maintained on the DX but I'm not aware of any recent changes to the performance report. It works by creating an Excel file from a binary data item that has been hardcoded in the VBO. Data pulled from the queue is pushed into the template, where pivots and formulae are used to calculate the metrics. At the end of the automation, all sheets are deleted apart from the presentation page. If you omit this deletion step you'll be able to see how the calculations work and maybe this will reveal the problem. Denis is probably correct (he usually is) to guess divide-by-zero or something like that.

John Carter
Blue Prism