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Welcome to the Blue Prism Digital Exchange Community!

The Blue Prism Digital Exchange is a "shop window" for new and emerging technologies—a platform that puts powerful RPA and AI capabilities into the hands of business leaders. Users can find and apply pre-built AI capabilities, in the form of downloadable integrations and Visual Business Objects (VBOs), to automated processes. These assets connect and integrate Digital Workers, existing systems and processes to Blue Prism's technology partners, creating a solid foundation of AI-enabled Intelligent Automation that's scalable and sustainable.

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NOTICE: Microsoft's new Outlook client and the Outlook VBO.

Hello All,Please be advised that Microsoft's newest Outlook client DOES NOT support COM interop. What that means is the Outlook VBO will not work with this newer Outlook client. See below reference from Microsoft regarding supported features with the...

ewilson by Staff
  • 10 replies

Collection Giving the Invalid Data

Hi All, I am doing one work where I am reading the data from the excel sheet and storing in the collection. While executing that collection data in the loop and performing some calculation stages based on the values which is a requirement, what is ha...

Looking for a Pending Session Starter

Hi, Community I was looking for the Pending Session Starter from the DX and downloaded it. But it looks strange that the downloaded asset is just for archiving BP database  and not to do with the pending session starter VBO. Can anyone check this ...


Schedule monitor issue

Hi Team One of my customers asks me about an issue with the schedule monitor. I want to clarify this one.They are using the latest v1.3.0. The log file is below. Could you please give me any ideas to address the issue? I am guessing the issue may cau...

MS 365 Outlook - Filter Expression error

Hi, Community Can any help me out to find the reason that the following syntax doesn't work and correct me? I've used the Get Received Item(Advanced) action and the following error says "From" is unknown element attribute. Below is the setting. "...

7676.png 7677.png

MS Graph - API Permission required

Hi all, I'm setting up the integration from BP towards MS Graph at the moment, but I'm missing a list of the specific API permissions required for the different MS Graph assets on the DX.In all the assets, the user guide simply states that the API pe...

VBO Microsoft Graph Authentication has a bug?

The VBO Microsoft Graph Authentication – Action “Get ApplicationAccess Token” seems to have a bug. The Data Item “Status Code” always remains empty, since it is not intended as output in the action “Request Token”.  Or am I missing something?


Function for Microsoft 365 - Outlook - 1.3.1

Hello.  We have recently implemented Graph API for one of our processes and is executing fast however we pick up at certain times the following error: "Unable to find the list of sub - folders due to :Status Code: 0 Result: Exception: The underlying...

AllanRo by Level 4
  • 1 replies