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Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM)


With ALM 4.4 comes the capability to export a process from Capture into an ALM Process Definition. 

With that in mind, here is a reminder about all the great features in Automation Lifecycle Management. 

Blue Prism Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) for on-premises customers is a successful and scalable operating model for automation that helps organizations:

  • Manage overall automation project delivery.
  • Simplify complex and time-consuming process definition & documentation activities.
  • Cut down the time it takes to build automations.
  • Take advantage of proven Blue Prism best practices for successful automation design and management.

Specific features within ALM include a web-based process definition and documentation interface, and Wireframer – a streamlined approach to automation design and development. Designed to support the various roles within an organization's Center of Excellence (CoE) – including solutions consultants, process designers/development team (those building automations), and business users/SMEs – Blue Prism ALM is ideal for both centralized and federated CoE models.

For more information, like how to get ALM and for the online help, head to the Blue Prism Portal or you can post any questions on this thread.

Joe Farr
Product Consultant
Blue Prism Limited