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Object Losing a Particular Spied Element

Hi All,I have a process which logs into, and performs actions within, a windows desktop application.I have spied a particular screen and its relevant elements. This works ok, with each element being highlighted ok. If I close and re-open the object, ...

Filter on Date Column in Excel

Hi Everyone,I need your suggestion on applying filter on Date column in Excel sheet.I used one code stage where we can pass filter criteria but through that I am able to get records of one particular date.Can you suggest me if I need records of past ...

Decipher Get Verified Doccument Process Issue

Hi Team,i am facing the issue in the decipher get verified document process. After completing the data verification step in decipher web application, i can't able to get the next completed items in the collection, and the batch available as false onl...

Resolved! Text getting identified as DateTime instead of Time

I have a String(Text) which is formatted as Time but when I evaluate the expression, the text gets identified as DateTime. As no date is mentioned in the text, the present date(Today()) is added to it automatically.For e.g. Text 07:04:12 will get con...

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Problem with web Control Room

Hello, I am having trouble with the web Control room as it is showing there is "no data". I think there may be a toruble with the API. Nonetheless I have followed the Hub, API and Authentication Server guides with no problems. Is there something I am...


Variable Function - VAREXISTS, possible issue?

Hi Decipher community that is my first question so I wanted to greet you.Anyway, I am trying to make a complex if statement, but it doesn't seem to be working. So I took a step backwards and I made a simple If statement to see if it working fine. I c...

Cannot run a scheduled task. Session error occurring

Hi all,As the title says I cannot run a scheduled task. The error I get when viewing the failed task in Reports->Recent Activity is:  Task: New Schedule - New Task - Session creation failed on resource 'XXX': Failed to create session on XXX- The requ...

Interacting with html sliders

Hi, Is there a way to interact with html sliders? I need to change the position of the sliders to give certain values but I am unsure of how to move the sliders across. Thanks.

Cannot connect to BP server

Dear all,When I was trying to connect to BP App server, error message below:The HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication scheme 'Anonymous'.Found a topic before but no password is changed.Thank you.------------------------------wingkit h...

Contact Center Observations - Take 1

The current hiring crisis across the US labor market has left many BPOs / Contact Center Operations running on fumes, human resource fumes that is.  Not only has the 'job' location shifted from onsite to virtual to hybrid operationally.This new norma...

Fundamentals of Blue Prism Database Maintenance

Introduction The Blue Prism database is a critical component of any Blue Prism deployment, the Blue Prism database stores users, credentials, processes, objects, work queue items, session logs and audit information. It should be no surprise then that...

Error creating/modifying package

We are running Blue Prism 6.10.1. When attempting to create or modify a Release/Package, we receive an Unahndled exception error. If we click Continue, we are able to bypass the error, but only Processes and Objects are able to be added to the packag...

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Resolved! Change background colour in excel?

Anyone knows how to change the background colour of a cell in excel using Blue Prism? Is it possible?------------------------------Bhavya Taneja------------------------------