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BMIUtilisationMonthly ... history has only EoM figures

Level 11


I wanted to use the statistics table BMIUtilisationMonthly to get historic figures for the past years. When querying the table I noticed only the December is available for previous months and all months for the current year. The list of year & months look like:

2024-06, 2024-05, 2024-04, 2024-03, 2024-02, 2024-01, 2023-12, 2022-12, 2021-12, 2020-12, ...

I was hoping those December values will at least show the total sum of the year but no, 2023-12 values are less than monthly values in 2024 and cannot be a total sum.


Either I completely miss something, I don't get the purpose of previous year's value or there seem to be a bug of either keeping old data or cleaning the table of old data.

Or is this some weird situation that just happened in our environment after being used for a couple of years and after some upgrades?!

Clarification is much appreciated, thanks



Hi Walter,

We've seen in the past where utilization data is not available in analytics tables because the setting to begin collecting them was not enabled before a certain time. 

Utilization data will only be collected and displayed in your Analytics tables if you have enabled the Collect utilization and productivity statistics check box under System Settings > System > Reporting:


It could be the case that either this option was not enabled until December of last year, and/or you're  using the default value of 6 months for "Keep...monthly statistics", which would remove any utilization data older than 6 months at a regular interval.