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Blue Prism Settings

Level 7

Good Day Team

I am trying to assist another developer who is still using BP 6.10.4 and is having the following issues:

" I vaguely remember a setting that has been removed in version 7, but not sure what it was called, or whether, I am thinking along the correct lines here. All I know is this has something to do with launching a web browser.

 Can anyone assist.

Kind regards


Below are his findings:

We tried solutions discussed and referred in trail mail, and found it to be working fine on BP 7.2.1.

However, Following are two observations

  • Launching process with "start process" work on 7.2.1 but creates issue on current version 6.10.4

  • Following errors observed occurring randomly on BP 7.2.1

    • Internal : AMI error occurred in Wait Start Stage 'Check For Relevent Element' on page 'Select Search Critieria' - Configured timeout reached waiting for external application to respond

    • 'Internal : AMI error occurred in Wait Start Stage 'Check For Link Certificate Error' on page 'Handle Certificate Error Page If Exists' - Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
      Parameter name: index'

Gavin Rudling
Digital Consultant & Developer


Hi Gavin

#1 could be the Application Timeout setting

#2 sounds like a weakness in process/object design, where there has been a presumption that a collection had rows but in fact it was empty. 

John Carter
Blue Prism

Thanks John, I will follow it up on my next correspondence with the developer.


Much appreciated.




Level 7

Hi Gavin,

What you describe sounds to me like the fixed versus ephemeral port. See KB doc here: 

I'm relatively confident that option was removed in BP 7.x and it does relate to browser launching.

Diane Sanzone

Hi Diane


Thanks for your response I will follow this as well.

If I remember when we were still using BP 6.10.4 there was a checkbox in the Blue Prism Settings tab also something to do with the Port that we had to disable.

I just can't remember what it was called, and we don't have the 6.10.4 instance anymore where I could check.


Thanks again


Kind regards



Hi Gavin,

The setting is in Systems - Settings and is down the bottom of the page. It's called "use fixed browser extension port (31924) only.

The above is from our 6.10.5 installation.
Hope this helps,

Ian Mawson

Hi Ian,

Now that rings a bell.

Thank you very much. Much appreciated.


Kind regards