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BluePrism 6.5 Unable to Uniquely Identify Icons

Level 2

Hello Community,

I am scripting on BP 6.5

I have a target application that has a column of ticks. 'Ticks' are shown if connection is established while 'Cross' are shown otherwise.


My script needs to ensure that the first 3 rows have 'Ticks'. However, it seems BP 6.5 scan is unable to uniquely identify each tick (All ticks share the same attributes with no unique identifier)


That being said, in BP 6.10, scan is able to correctly tag each 'Tick' with a unique attribute generated on selection. However, the constraint I have here is that I can only use BP 6.5

Any advise for this?

Thanks in advance

bpautomator L


Level 10


What is the type of the application you are spying? It might be possible to read the whole grid into a collection if it is a window or browser-based app sometime.

Also, if you are able to differentiate between a cross and tick then you might be able to use the 'Match Index' attribute dynamically to identify if the first three rows are tick.

Finally if nothing works then you'll have to use Surface Automation and search the area of first three boxes for ticks.



Gopal Bhaire

You can try the suggestion from Gopal.  Also if you can read the table's html content, you might be able to identify the tick marks with some string functions.

Shashank Kumar
DX Integrations Partner Consultant
Blue Prism