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Chrome Error : (Blue Prism extension error details)

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Hi all, 

Need your help please. we recently upgraded Chrome to the latest version. and in two machines we see this error in chrome : extension error details

"WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED



due to this browser mode is not working and processes are failing.  please let me know if you know how to resolve this. 

Kolli Sai Vikas


Hi kolli Sai Vikas,

Not sure which version of blue Prism you are currently facing this issue.

I would suggest to check below articles from knowledge base. Also try to  remove the extension and readd the extension and  restart the VM and check whether that  will change any thing .

If I answered your query. Please mark it as the "Best Answer"

Harish Mogulluri
Lead developer
America/New_York TX
If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri

I suggest checking the possibility of performing a clean reinstallation of the browser, and installing the plugin again. I already had this problem when updating the browser.

Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer Tech Leader
Bridge Consulting
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil