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O365 Graph API Outlook - BP V6.4

Hi Team, In Continuation to my previous question related to graph API, Can we consume outlook via graph API in BP V6.4. I have gone through the guides for Microsoft 365 - Outlook VBO and followed all the steps for azure app registration. However, in ...

Resolved! scroll a webpage

hey everyone, I recently started working with blue prism. I want to know how can we scroll a web page to reach a specific element of the webpage. If anyone have any idea, please let me know.  Thanks and RegardsManoj Patidar-------------------------...

MS Excel VBO - performance degradation

Hi All,We have a process which is having MS Excel (Office 365) as is target application. When it was deployed to production, the interaction was fast and bot was able to read data from excel to collection very quickly. Over the time, the time taken b...

Oauth Call using Authorization Code Grant type

Hi Guys,  Has anyone come across any API integration which uses Oauth2.0 authentication and grant_type = authorization_code. also, how to retrieve Token by on behalf of call. any Postman sample or any BP example would be appreciated. 

Open Excel Workbook changes file name

Hi All, There is a strange behavior in the Blue Prism MS Excel VBO Object. In some cases the Open Workbook action OUT Workbook Name parameter changes the original file name: From _Rebate --> _rebate   Please help what could cause this issue.

35831.png 35832.png

Decipher is Not Training on Invoices

Hi Team, We have a set of 10 invoices from one vendor we trained the decipher with those invoices by enabling the ML model and keeping Train documents size as 10 and did some changes during manual verification (like vendor name is not correct, tax am...

text as collection

I have text file with 200 above details about policy number account number etc. But in blueprism studio I would like to see the text file using text as collection in a proper format. For instance, when we upload something or copy something into excel...

Recaptcha - AntiCaptcha / 2captcha

Hey guys!Has anyone used anti captcha and/or 2captcha? I'm having trouble configuring blueprism and breaking the captcha through BP, can anyone help?------------------------------José Francisco Bezerra Nunes Júnior------------------------------

Decipher - Read just one page of a PDF file

Hi, I'm having a problem when I try to read a PDF file. I have files that have three pages with same values on each page. I need to read just the first page because the information is the same in all three pages. Is there a way to set this on Deciphe...