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Chrome Extention issue in BP6.5

Level 2

I am facing issue with Chrome Browser with browser mode.

Sometime it is working next day it stops working, I mean we can't use browser mode or any mode with chrome


As per help guide and recommendation  for BP 6.5  extension 2.1.0 should work but in my case it is behaving unexpected.



Even I can't remove it so that I can try out with 2.0.1 extension.


Vipin kumar

Try Updating Blue Prism , it should work,

Murali Krishna
RPA Consultant

Level 7
Hi, there was so much development done on the Chrome extension between 6,5 and 6,10 that I really would recommend you upgrade before spending time on CHrome development.  It is much more stable and much richer actions in the latest version,  6,11 will be even better, Peter.

Ren Røros Intelligent Automation