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Get next item in object studio

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Hello All,

we have used get next item in process studio and it has worked fine over the years. but today when i was trying to use this action " Get next item" from work queues it failed. I'm able to add item to the queue in object studio but it fails when we try to perform action " get next item".

IF anyone knows the reason, kindly share.

Thank you


Hi @Namrata_Katrale,

You mentioned it is failing so can you also tell exactly what error message is it throwing or is it just returning empty results and goes to the subsequent step?

I would suggest you to first check few things:

From the database end, for BPAWorkQueueItem table once yourself or your DBA team if they manage the same for two things:

1) Firstly, are these items there in the database or not?

2) What is the total size of the table. If they are not maintained or is too big in size possibly your database could have gone out of memory.

From a logging perspective, check the session logs (which you already might have done), audit logs and also check the windows event logs as well to see if some error is it stating or not.

From a process perspective, is there any tag filter being used? If yes, can you check if any special characters are coming in the tags or not by checking it from logs if you are logging the same. You can then try to manually filter the items once using the same tag filter at the control room side and check if that is working or not?


Hope this helps you out and if so, please mark the current thread as the 'Answer', so others can refer to the same for reference in future.
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Best bet is to put a recover stage in a block over it and get the exception detail so we can see exactly what the problem was. There is a range of database issues it could be but the detail will help drill down to what is wrong.