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How to request stop a subprocess being called by a main process?

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Hi Designers,

We have a process that calls a number of subprocesses. Each sub process might be processing a number of queue items before the process control drops back to the main process.

I would like to have request stop enabled in the sub processes as well so we can stop from the Control room.

Will a Request Stop to the main process also give True result for IsRequestStopped() inside a subprocess ?

Please suggest 

Swapnadeep Deb
RPA Developer


Hi @swapnadeep_deb

I think we can do the request from the main process only and it's not possible to provide the request stop from a sub-process to main process.

Hi swapnadeep Das,

To my knowledge you can give Isstop requested in subprocess as well  if  the subprocess is independednt to each other. 
If it is connected with Main process  IsStop requested might not  work - Because subprocess may not have  seperate  session .

This is one of the tradeoff using Main process and calling subprocess vs independently creating different process.

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Harish Mogulluri