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Installing 7.2 - do I need to Java updates on the server?

Hi, we are busy upgrading to 7.2 via clean install and migration. In the documentation:

  • Blue Prism Enterprise has been updated to use:

    • .NET Framework 4.8. (done)
    • AdoptOpenJDK version 8 and Azul OpenJDK version 8 for automating Java applications.
    • Oracle Java 11, which is recommended for use with 64-bit Application Manager modes

Do I have to install the last two if we don't use the Java invoke function and don't have any java apps that use java spying mode?



If you don't currently have plans to automate Java-based applications, Blue Prism 7.2 will not need to make use of OpenJDK nor Java 11. These are just the pre-requisites for utilizing the Java Access Bridge for Blue Prism to be able to interact with Java-based applications.