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Integration with Microsoft Teams

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Hi All,
I am looking into the possibility of posting the report file from the robot to Microsoft Teams rather than via Outlook.
I have seen there was a connector called 'webhook' which would normally be used for this integration, is this still available? Or is there a better way of doing this? I fear I might not be able to find 'webhook' as my company does not allow it. 


Elliot Barling
Senior RPA Developer

Level 8
Hi Elliot,
I worked on the MS Teams VBO sometime back.. I am not sure about how to share file, but I was able to post a message to MS Teams channel using Powershell script( which utilized a webhook) and via Internal VBO HTTP.


Harshit Rawat

Level 7
Hi Elliot,

webhook works well for text updates to a Team general chat area. I have a page for handling this in our process template I can share if you wish.  For files you are better with a Sharepoint document Upload vbo that posts to the Teams Files area - i have an action i can share if you are interested. If it is process report data you are creating then also think about a Power BI report integrated into a Team page! This gives a near real time, stylish fully integrated solution 🙂


Ren Røros Intelligent Automation

Hi Peter,
Could you share the page if possible?

Hello @peterlacken ,

I am as interested in that issue as @Thavasidinesh  is, both about Teams and about PowerBI.
Please share information on this thread, if possible.