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Moving to old Version to New Version

Level 2
  • Is Blueprism-5.0.24 is going to expire?
  • What is the main difference of blueprism blue prism version 7 and blue prism version 5.0.24 main if there is any supporting document for transfer current automation to latest version ?
  • What are the challenges faced while migrating Blueprism automation to latest version?
  • Latest or basic requirement of system if DB size needs to be upto 2 TB for the current version of blue prism ?

Level 4
Hi Vipul,

I am not sure about 5.0.24 version expiry as there is no news I could find regarding this.
Blue Prism 7.0 offers few newly added features and few integration support features than the former,you can always check out for the latest product releases on Blue Prism Product release page.
Yes,there are few challenges when migrating automation latest version that can be only explained via experiences ,for us there were few spy issues ,I hope experienced people could shed some more light on this topic and suggest to go for few POCs in your organisation to observe how your environments are reacting.
You can also check out this page for upgrading related queries -
I hope I could help you in some way.
Thank you

Hello Vipul - below page contain the lifecycle policy on blue prism environment.*3veywv*_ga*MTA1MjI5MjMyMS4xNjQ1MTAwMzU1*_ga_MFBQ2KFZ1L*MTY2MDY0MDMwNC43NjUuMS4xNjYwNjQxMzI1LjA.&_ga=2.207606235.953875333.1660569924-1052292321.1645...

and regarding the queries of difference in BP V 5x and 7- i don't think someone will be able to write in post as there are lots of changes :).

refer link shared by Anil to see difference.​