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Native Messaging Host launch delay in Chrome

Level 3
Hello All,

We are in the process of moving automations from Blue Prism 6.6 to 7.1.2, but I've come across an issue with Chrome and the Native Messaging Host. 

Automations that normally worked in 6.6 generate an exception when launching in 7.1.2 in Studio Mode. I have not gotten any further yet. The exception is generated because Blue Prism cannot connect with the browser extension, and after a bit of troubleshooting I noticed it's caused by the fact that BluePrism.MessagingHost.exe takes a very long time to load. Under my own account it's ~20 seconds, and after changing the Messaging Host Detection timeout to 25 seconds, launches started working. 

Then I tried it in the Digital Worker account, and for some reason the Messaging Host executable pops up in Task Manager more than 50 seconds after launch. 

I am about to resort to starting Chrome via the Utility - Environment Business Object with an Exception-Timeout loop as it's the easiest solution, but I feel that Launch should be doing what it's designed for. 

It worked just fine in 6.6, so I don't understand why it is broken in 7.1.2.

Has anyone else come across this and found a solution?

Thanks in advance,


Level 3
Try resetting the browser extension options in chrome to their defaults. it's a new addition to 7.1.2 chrome extension.

Level 3
Hi Phil,

Resetting the browser extension options did not work.

Here's what I ended up doing:

  1. Launch Chrome manually via Utility - Environment - Start Process
  2. Wait for "BluePrism.MessagingHost" via Utility - Environment - Wait for Process
  3. Attach

It still takes about 50+ seconds before the process is found, but at least it will attach.

Take care,


Level 3

Hi Pavel,

I am facing same issue but the delay is nearly 8 mn. Did you find any other solution?