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Need to Send Keys Events with Numpad Enter

Level 3
Hi all, I am automating a very old HOST System where specifically the Enter button on the numpad needs to be pressed to commit a command. How can this be done as the Standard Send Key Event "{ENTER}" is not working. I have found "{NUMPADENTER}" on the internet but this gets rejected as an unsupported key?   Any ideas? Thanks    

Level 14
This may need to be added to BP's functionality. Not sure. I'm guessing it's not currently possible because Microsoft's Send Keys and Send Key Events documentation doesn't even mention a distinction between the two sets of keys for Enter, Subtract, Add, etc. I can see that being necessary since applications can be designed to behave differently for the numpad enter compared to the normal enter.
Dave Morris 3Ci at Southern Company Atlanta, GA

Level 12
Did some digging. I never trust the BP documentation for SendKeys and always refer to this Microsoft page as a cheat-sheet.… ENTER {ENTER} or ~ Keypad add {ADD} Keypad subtract {SUBTRACT} Keypad multiply {MULTIPLY} Keypad divide {DIVIDE} It seems ~ is the regular Enter, while {ENTER} is the numpad version. For the num row versions of all the math items, send ""+"", ""-"", ""*"" or ""/"" .

Level 12
(I so wish we could do edits!) I just tested sending {ENTER} without issue. Make sure your window is active, and send the key input to the top-most item in your filter tree.


There is one situation where one field like Tax No can not enter using past option. That need to use keyboard to enter. Can any one provide any solution how to enter numeric value using key board because this field not support copy past value.


Tax ID: 1234567 (this field support copy past)

Reenter Tax ID: Manually need to enter using keyboard not support copy past



Pralay Das


You can use global send keys to fill in, check the documentation and the following article with some solutions: fd7-fde8-44bc-ba5b- 3d813855e8d2#bm59026fd7-fde8-44bc-ba5b-3d813855e8d2

Check the documentation too: %20Send%20Key%20Events%7C_____0


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