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Excel sensitivity label

Hello, I'm testing the Excel sensitivity label functionality, that requires to select a label before interacting with the workbook, and have not been able yet to figure out how to select a label automatically. Does anybody knows how to manage this us...

Attach failure for Windows Title

Hi, allWe're testing the Attach using Windows Title in the Edge browserThe text itself looks identical but it's not working. Is there any way to troubleshoot this?Please note that specifically, this is the case when the browser has been launched by "...

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Version upgrade - 6.6 to 7.2

Hi, Would it be possible to upgrade BP version from 6.6 to 7.2 directly? If not, to which version it allows direct upgradation? Thanks, Vikas------------------------------vikas kalwala------------------------------

RPC server is unavailable

In BP 6.4. the process terminated with exception " ERROR: Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Select Process Option' on page 'Set Process Option' - The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA). Can anyone le...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! BP Process Exposure against VM (resource) pools

Hello, community, Has anyone deployed a solution where Blue Prism process is exposed as Web-Service against Resource Pool but not a single exact resource? BP 7.1.1 in use with full on-prem deployment. Chorus, Hub, API etc. solutions do not fit to cur...

Chrome and Extension Not Detected

Hello, We are on BP Version 7.1.2 with the match extension version. In a schedule, we have 3 processes in a chain and all 3 use Chrome. The first two processes work great however, when we get to the 3rd process. The process fails due to the Extension...

BPPI : Option for Capture 4.0

hello - I am using BPPI 2.0 and installed Capture 4.0 but I do not see option to export in capture 4.0 only lower version is showing.Any setting I am missing ?------------------------------Neeraj Kumar------------------------------

Neel1 by MVP
  • 9 replies

identification of Color box in PDF

I have a PDF having 10 column. one column is having Red , Green , Amber color filled up per row. Need to know is this possible from Decipher to identify these color and are coming in which rows?------------------------------Neeraj Kumar--------------...

Neel1 by MVP
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Resolved! Decipher recognize Barcode(QR code)

Hello everybody! Does anyone know how to read QR code using Decipher? Previously, I used abbyy for this, there it was necessary to set the sign of reading the qr code when detecting and converting to a string. ------------------------------Sergei Evd...

Start a process with spying element doesn't work

Hello i am currently working with BP 7.0.1 I've created a simple process that's working like that  Open a browser (Edge)Connecte to a specifique web site Click on a button  And i am also using a VM as a ressource (using windows remote access) and fin...

EDIEDI by Level 2
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Converting a Data Type from Number to Text

Hello All, In my process we download a compliance report , the only data we need from this report is the Staff Number and the Appraisal Date. The report is a csv file and we put this into a collection. The issue im having is that some of the staff ...