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Software Center Updates on Virtual Machines running BOTs

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as we are using Software Center to keep our machines with the latest software updates, I would like to leverage the service that Software Center provides to keep our machines up to date. However, Software center is "customer based" interaction: it provides many pop-up windows when updating software.

How do you manage the software updates on your virtual machines?


Hi laurent Escoffre,

Based on my experience and from what I noticed working  from Different client  generally we request the team who managed the VM's to disable the auto updates  and schedule to do it manually on timely manner.

Also  other approach  I would think of by  giving windows to run all the updates on specific time and free up the bots on specific time( usually mid night between 11PM to 12 AM) 

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Harish Mogulluri

One of the practices I usually use is to evaluate monitoring and scheduling of updates in pre-defined schedules if there is no criticality, normally the update is done at times or dates that do not impact the operable robots, if possible, a temporary machine is provisioned while the updates are made. updates and maintained the possibility of execution if necessary.
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil