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Spying the save file option failing in RPA

Level 4
I am trying to spy this field, but I am unable to use -Browser Mode-
I have tried -windows32 mode) but I was able to highlight the full screen , but not able to use the option Save file check/click and the OK button

Then I tried the UI and it worked but the problem is that something is going wrong with it, as every times it reaches this point, RPA doesn't respond and of course it fails....

Can someone help provide steps to highlight this window type?
unfortunately, I have no choice, but to use this option when saving a file from Firefox, as part of a requirement

Thank you for helping out once again

Level 7
Hello Lorenzo,

Can you manually select Save File and simultaneously check the Do this automatically... checkbox. so the next time the bot comes to this step the expectation is that 'Save As' will be selected by default and all it needs to do is press OK?


Hi Lorenzo,

You cannot use bowser mode. Either you have to use win-32/AA/UIA. You can attach to this particular window by giving window name then you can able to use all modes there as mentioned. If you don't attach then the spy mode may not work.

Hope that helps! 


Amlan Sahoo

Level 4
Hi @HarpreetKaur and @_Amlansahoo, sorry for delay to answer, as I never got a notification and I was away for sometime...
Thank you for replying to me...
so after review, I was advised that I need to focus on using w32 only option. but I was able to use the activate application choice, but I am unable to find the correct path to  click the save file check box , and the OK button,..
would you kindly help advise the action that I could select in order to click the save checkbox and then the Ok button please

in the application modeller, i also tried to change to radio button and button (window) but I don't get much except press verify..

thank you and I hope i was clear

unfortunately this is the action that I need to follow up as advised , as i had this to automatically download a file when reaching this poinmt:(


Level 4
Normally I would tell you to use Win32 for this and that should be the solution as I believe Save Dialogs utilize Window's Class #32770 in most situations which should behave as Win32.

Have you tried creating a separate object of Win32 type and attaching to the dialog window then spying? This should get you results.

Otherwise I would also explore hotkeys as an alternative solution. alt s or ctrl s or maybe alt a or ctrl a would be my first guesses to ​select the Save File radio button from a hot key perspective. (again preferably you would just use a separate object in win32 mode to do this)

Now to add further confusing it looks like this is through Firefox which I think uses a non standard dialog window with a class of MozillaDialogClass instead of #32770.​

Level 2
use UI mode and make sure while performing the action focus is set and save window dialog.

UI mode has edge over windows as the identifiers for UI mode gives better accuracy.

Anshul Jhalani

Hi @LorenzoCapocci1 If you can not able to spy check box using win 32 mode then please try AA or UIA it may work. if click option is not working take a write stage and pass the value as TRUE. Some times this may work.​
Amlan Sahoo

Level 4
Thank you Team, I ended up using the region spy mode and is working, I think I will use this mode.. and be testing it, but will also review your answers as this will be a learning point also.. thank you

Level 6
Hello Lorenzo,
Why not use combination of Tab as then press enter?

Ved Sengupta
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