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Strike out / Disable Objects

Hi All,


I have v7.1.2 and I have few objects in which certain pages/actions inside the objects needed to be "disabled" or "Striked out". Where do I find the properties to do it.?






hello @Chakkravarthi_PR  - you can unpublish the action/pages which you don't need in object and they wont reflect back in your process to choose. or delete the pages if you don't need it altogether 

Level 8


If you are looking to "unpublish" an action, you can do so in two locations:

The action's Page Information dialog:


The context menu of the action's page tab:



Micheal Charron
Toronto, Ontario

Thanks for replying @MichealCharron and @Neel1 .

I am aware of unpublish the actions, but I don't wanna unpublish or delete it, I just want to keep it on the object studio, previously on v6.5 we had this 

""Navigate to the Page: Locate the page you want to disable in the Object Studio. Pages are listed on the left-hand side panel under the object you're working with.
Right-click on the Page: Right-click on the page you want to strike out/disable. This action will open a context menu.
Select "Disable" or "Strike Out": In the context menu, look for an option like "Disable" or "Strike Out" and select it. ""


I just wanna achieve the same here in this version, but unable to fid it anywhere. But anyway if its not available I would follow the same which you guys have mentioned. 


I don't recall seeing the strike out option in BP Object Studio. Do you have a screenshot, or some documentation so I can find this as well?


We are using BP v6.5.1 and, in Object Studio, I am not seeing a "Disable" or "Strike Out" on the page tab context menu (message above) or the page workspace context menu (show below).


The only place I can see a mention of "Disable" and "Strike Out" is were you disable a Skill and it shows as a strike out in the upper right corner of a Skill stage.



Micheal Charron
Toronto, Ontario