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When triggering browser events using JavaScript, which events to you trigger?

Hi Product Community!

We were having a discussion internally about browser automation and events that users are triggering in their automations currently using insert/invoke JavaScript as the product lacks the capability to do this natively today. Given the change to browser extensions to move to Manifest V3 and the impact this has had on how easy it is to insert/invoke JavaScript on web browsers, we are considering extending the studio to provide a capability to trigger these events natively (i.e. without JavaScript) in future releases. This would allow users who need to trigger events in the browser, but not any other, more complex JavaScript to work with native Blue Prism Enterprise functionality and avoid deploying the Browser Automation Agent solution for v6.4.2 -7.1.x to enable continued insert/invoke capabilities.

There are many input events that we could support triggering natively, but wondered if there were particular event types that were more common than others in automation today? Some research on the topic has turned up the following list, I wondered if anyone had an answer in terms of what they include in their automations today?

  • AnimationEvent

  • AudioProcessingEvent

  • BeforeUnloadEvent

  • BlobEvent

  • ClipboardEvent

  • CloseEvent

  • CompositionEvent

  • CustomEvent

  • DeviceMotionEvent

  • DeviceOrientationEvent

  • DeviceProximityEvent

  • DragEvent

  • ErrorEvent

  • FetchEvent

  • FocusEvent

  • FormDataEvent

  • GamepadEvent

  • HashChangeEvent

  • HIDInputReportEvent

  • IDBVersionChangeEvent

  • InputEvent

  • KeyboardEvent

  • MediaStreamEvent

  • MessageEvent

  • MouseEvent

  • MutationEvent

  • OfflineAudioCompletionEvent

  • PageTransitionEvent

  • PaymentRequestUpdateEvent

  • PointerEvent

  • PopStateEvent

  • ProgressEvent

  • RTCDataChannelEvent

  • RTCPeerConnectionIceEvent

  • StorageEvent

  • SubmitEvent

  • SVGEvent

  • TimeEvent

  • TouchEvent

  • TrackEvent

  • TransitionEvent

  • UIEvent

  • UserProximityEvent

  • WebGLContextEvent

  • WheelEvent

Robert Nicklin Product Manager Blue Prism Warrington, England

Level 5
Hi Rob,

Could you clarify if this could be handled within BP since support for invoking JS is getting dropped with Manifest v3?
If so, I'd be happy to check with our developers, because I recall we had a discussion about this subject a couple months ago how to tackle it.