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The amazing nested collection (in version 6.2.2)

Hi everyone, First i have no problem, no bug, everything is fine. My sole problem is "i do not know why it's work, cause it should not"This is my story. i warn you, it's a long story with a curious ending. I used utility - xml to read the blueprim's ...

Decipher IDP 1.2

Does anyone have detail of when Decipher IDP 1.2 will finally be released?------------------------------Howard BlakeRPA Development LeadSopra SteriaEurope/London------------------------------

BluePrism Interact versions and EOLs

We are currently using BluePrism interact version 4.2, for our internal application documentation and upgrade schedule we need to document the versions and end of life support for the same versions, where can I find the version history with EOL infor...

Retry Mechanism at Object or Process Level

HI AllJust want to understand, Retry Mechanism should be at object or Process Level.RegardsVamshi Krishna Dasa------------------------------VamshiKrihsna DasaSystem ArchitectFujitsu India Consulting Pvt. Ltd.------------------------------

what is root of db size increase ?

what is root of DB size increase - whether it is due to screenshots stored in DB or audit logs , in screenshot saving is it  saving path or image in binary

nandamr by Level 2
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Resolved! Schedule mail for later date and time

Hai All,Can any one suggest how to schedule mail to deliver later on (date and time)Thanks in AdvanceRegardsLakshmi Narayana------------------------------Lakshmi Narayana Pemmasani------------------------------

Reply to different email address

Hi All,In blueprism mapiex an ID will be generated after reading an email and bot will reply in the same thread using this ID to the sender.I have some different scenario.Actually user configured in his outlook client to receive all reply emails to a...

AKiran by Level 2
  • 5 replies

Microsoft Edge - browser extension was not detected

I am working on one of the automation process to automate a browser based application using Edge. I am getting following error message while launching the application: Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Launch' on page 'Launch_CLI...

Spy mode in application modeller, PDF doesn't work

Hi, I am working with a report that will export details only in .pdf format, I able able to start the application modeler to launch it, but I am able to spy it only with the UI option but It is not workingas I tried with the others as per some youtub...

37070.png 37071.png

Unable to use ToDate in Filter Collection

Hi,I am reading a CSV file to collection where column "Entry Date" is in the format January 5, 2021 . Now I am trying to filter collection based on "Entry Date" go get all rows after January 1, 2021. I am using the ToDate function as this field is a ...

Expression to get specific details

Hi,  I have a file name like "A;B;C;D". Please can some one suggest the expression to get the "B" alone form this.Thank You------------------------------Miya------------------------------

Miya by Level 5
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