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Questions on Document Form Definition

Hi Ben,Following are the list of questions that I, have for you. Please support me with your answers.1)Whenever we apply add Formula on "Sub Total", "Tax" & "Total Amount" fields in that case I, can see Dependent items got selected automatically. Oth...


Resolved! Blueprism Partner Licenses Question

I would like to clarify information according to Partner Licenses, Does Blueprism license only by number of robots?                Can I separately buy 2 studio for 5 robots for example? Does the price of buying 2 studio for 5 robots differ from buyi...

Running curl-command from Blueprism

Hi!  I'm trying to run a Curl-command from within a batch-file using the "Utility - Environment" VBO (Action Start Process). Running the batch-file from command-shell manually runs like charm, but when called from Blueprism I get the following error...

BP - Auth Server - Hub

I am trying to work out why I am getting the following error in the event viewer of my BP App Server (VM1) when I try and migrate Blue Prism users into Hub (VM2) (using BP v7.0 & Hub v4.3)."Could not get authentication token for Authentication Server...

Migrate Infrastructure to BP Cloud

Has anyone migrated their infrastructure to BluePrism cloud from on-prem?  I would love to hear about your experiences in general, but some specific questions: What was the migration effort like on your end? How quickly was environment fully up and r...

Generate structured user/role/permission reports

Hi,I need to generate reports to easily provide the information what user have what roles and which permissions.The easiest to read would be probably a table with rows as roles and users as columns and a X to mark the spot who has what.Then a similar...

Scheduler not executing processes

Hello, I have setup a schedule in the Scheduler to execute a process at a certain time of the day. However, it does not execute the process even though there are no processes running on the runtime resource. I have tried to click "run now" and found...


Good day. Faced a problem while working with a table. The item is named TDxDBGrid. I used all the options for defining an element, but the maximum I can - get its dimensions and coordinates.


Resolved! change the save folder

Hi, can I change the default save folder for Capture? During BP World it was shown that it can be defined as a global file share but I can't find it anywhere.Thanks.Regards,Zdenek------------------------------Zdeněk KabátekHead of Professional Servic...

Silverlight Application (windowless = true)

Hi, we would like to automate a website which has a Silverlight application included. I had found this HowTo: I followed the...

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Blue Prism - Azure Marketplace trial

I recently tried to setup the Blue Prism Trial from Azure Marketplace offering from my Azure account .I was able to successfully provision the VM as per the instructions but I see that the Blue Prism trial was not installed properly in the VM. There...

HemaS by Level 2
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