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AutomateC.exe: ExportPackage

For our automatic deployment we use the Commandline tool AutomateC.exe with the parameter /exportpackage. We want to log the output-result (AutomateC is executed by our Releasing-Tool), but every time we redirect the standard-output, the AutomateC.e...

SQL Exception - Connection Timeout Expired

Hi all, We seem to be getting an issue with processes terminating and when checking the various event logs I am seeing this error: "System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Connection Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed while attempting to cons...

Connection Failed Message

When I run a process manually from the Control Room I get  a popup window with the following error. Error Message-" QuickHelp is unable to connect to the required files. Please make sure you have an Internet connection and try to connect again. If ...

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Object Import via Command Line fails

Hi, any idea why I'm getting "Error: failed to create process - Failed to create the new business object because an object with the name '' already exists. Last modified by '' on 15.05.2019 17:19:32" when importing via Command Line interface althoug...

HTTP GET with SSO authentication

Hi, I am trying to use HTTP GET to run the Proclist command on localhost:8181, which is connected to the Database via an Application Server authenticating with SSO. The usual way for a localhost and localdb would be to run the User Name command, fo...

Resolved! Blue Prism Listener into a Service?

Can we make the Blue Prism listener into a service in order to monitor?  Right now, we have a batch file which opens up cmd and runs this below, which starts the listener.   "C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate\Automate.exe" /res...

Regarding of PDF Reader

Is there any PDF VBO for converting PDF into a Word File, Please let me know about that and Thanks in Advance. If there is no PDF VBO , then why Blue prism cannot develop that VBO.


Hi All, As I mentioned in Subject, i am connecting Excel as Database my query is "SELECT [Sheet1$].[ID], [Sheet1$].[name], [Sheet1$].[Email], [Sheet2$].[ID], [Sheet2$].[name], [Sheet2$].[Email] from [Sheet1$] inner join [Sheet2$] on [Sheet1$].[ID] =...

Integration with external password management system

Hi, I work for a financial entity and we have a centralized system to store credentials of all non-unique (system) user-ids, and have built APIs with Java, .NET and python to retrieve passwords while a system needs to present passwords to other syste...

BluePrism sends empty values to webservice

I am having a Problem sending values to a webservice. I got These values from Fiddler: even though I am sending a filled collection (please see attached). Does anyone has any ideas why this could be? Thank you!

Slow appearence of property window

When I click in action or page stage to see what is inside the property window launches very slowly. It takes about 4 second for property window to appear. The same thing is done instantly in my college's computers. Do you have any solution for thi...