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Possibly the silliest automation ever

Hello friends, So, as you may know, I am learning to RPA. And through this process, I'd like to say, I admire you all because this requires a ton of logic and focus. The Foundation training, docs and all the answered questions in this community have ...

Michael_S by Community Team
  • 5 replies

Scheduler Not Working

Hi Everyone,I am having a strange issue with scheduling a process on a newly configured virtual machine (which is setup as a runtime machine). We have already a few virtual machines setup with the scheduler working fine, but our newest virtual machin...

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Resolved! Send an email with an attachment

Hi    I am trying to send an email with an attachment but I am getting the following error.  The folder in question was created by Blue Prism in the same process using the Utility File management create directory.  So there should be no security chec...

RSHERRY by Staff
  • 5 replies

Accuracy report is missing data.

accuracy report is missing data. This option was chosen during the installation. The data base is created. accuracy data is missing: ------------------------------Arkadiusz GorajRobotics Operational Support SpecialistIntrumEurope/Warsaw------------...

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Resolved! How to take screenshot a Website using blue prism

Hi team, I am new to the blue prism and I want to take screenshot a website using blue prism.Screenshot a fixed length and width. I went through various post for this but, don't get the answer which worked for me. If anyone worked with this type, p...

BP SQL Query - Load Queue Process and Pending Items

Hi, I'm looking to run a query to see If Load Queue Process has run for todayAnd how many cases are pending in the Queue for that particular process. This will be run every 1 hour (example) Is there a way we can run this query and fetch from BP Db (...

Unable to send text to JAVA form

Hi, I can do the following with my JAVA Form (Oracle E-Business Suite): - Spy elements - Identify elements - Click buttons - Focus on fields I cannot however do: - Write to fields - Sendkeys to fields I receive the following error when i try to wr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

Trying to read text inside a webpage pop up

Hi, I have created an element of the specific region within the pop up window to read the text using OCR. Though part of the message sometimes change and when this happens. The element cannot be found anymore. Is it possible to achieve this if sectio...

KT by Level 4
  • 2 replies

Migrate On- Premises Runtime VM's to Cloud Environment

Hi All, I have two question in this thread. How to migrate the Run Time VM's  from  On - Premise to Cloud Environment.What are the common issue that might occur in the migration. Please help. Thanks, ------------------------------Ashish Soni--------...

Major challenges in private cloud with AWS

Hello All, I am looking for support,  did anyone have experienced challenges when we move RPA infra to private cloud AWS, EC2 instances or anybody can help in achieving the same.  Looking for guidance in doing the same. Thanks, Ashish Soni---------...

How to improve accuracy in case of dynamic rows

Hi, I have a PO document(pdf) where the address data is dynamic in rows, Address may be in 3, 4 or 5 lines. In DFD we are assigning with multiple lines for the address field and trained with all format files in sufficient number (~100). But every tim...


Inconsistent Regex Behavior

My process does the following Pulls a value in from Excel as text.Checks if the value matches the Regex pattern "^\d{3}$" using the Test Regex Match action.Makes a decision based on the Matched? output of the action. I'm trying to make sure the field...

LeoLugo by Level 2
  • 3 replies