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Learning/Trail License

Hi, Do we have any trail/learning license for Interact available now to use. Vinoth------------------------------Vinothkumar C NDeveloperAccentureAsia/Kolkata------------------------------

Resolved! Remove Leading Zeros from Text

Hi   I am extracting text from Excel which contains leading zeros as well as zeros with the in the text.  I would like to remove the leading zeros only.  Example  : 00987098  = 987098 I have looked at regex but it removes all the zeros, is there an ...

RSHERRY by Staff
  • 7 replies

Upgrade to new Blue Prism Version 7

Hi Can someone tell me if there is a tool that could be used to validate code before migrating from version 6 to version 7.  Looking for a "pre-check" tool that could highlight potential issues before moving to a new Blue Prism version.  This does no...

AllanRo by Level 4
  • 1 replies

Google chrome starts on background

Hi! I need some help with a issue that makes Blueprism cases fail.  When Google Chrome starts, the application is launched on background, so it can't identificate navigator elements. The process works with IBM AS400, that application keeps on foregro...

Resolved! CI/CD with RPA projects

Hello everyone, Here is a question, How can Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines be effectively implemented and leveraged within Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects? Your experience, insights, thoughts on the same! -...

Browser mode spied elements are not working sometimes.

Hi, Browser mode spied elements are not working sometimes. it's working fine when login Bot server with my id but not working when login with Bot credentials. Is there any particular reason for not working? Please help me with this issue. Thanks in a...

Get cursor position from a mainframe application

I am interacting with an IBM Midrange application (greenscreen) that indicates an error on submit of an Order by highlighting the field and placing the cursor on it. Fine for a human to work with but Blue Prism can't see the highlighting and there se...

How to fix Resource Not Connected

I have resource (RPA-IC-DEV) state is Idle but Connection is Not Connected.How to fix resource?------------------------------NONTHAKORN PRISAROJTechnical ArchitectZyGen Co., Ltd.Asia/Bangkok------------------------------


Problem with c# VBO integration

Hello, As part of one of our processes, we developed a small c# code on Visual Studio to retrieve information from IBM MQ. We want to put it in a blueprism object, but we're encountering errors like "Predefined type 'System.Object' is not defined o...

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