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mouse scroll for a web page

Level 5

  I am trying to reach to specific line on a web page where page down, page up , upward and downward key doesnt work, currently the only option we have is mouse scroll, can some one suggest what is the key stoke for mouse scroll


Level 12

Happy coding!
Happy coding!
Paul, Sweden
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Hi, could you share again this link? because it doesn't working.

Hi @Miya , you can do it with 2 methods

Browser method: simply identify the element with browser mode then with a navigate stage you use the scroll to action



UI method: you find an anchor, you model it with UI mode then 

1. activate window

2. Global Mouse Click Center on that anchor

3. you do a send key {DOWN} x times until you reach the element in question

You can test manually by clicking on an element then pressing the down key on your keyboard and you will see it go down


Hope it will help you

oh, thank you for your reply. Generally, I'm looking for a solution for mouse movement and checking all related posts. Can you help with this?

Hi @Ernest1 , can you give me more details screen shot or something else ?

I just want to avoid the sleep screen, that's it.


If I understood correctly, do you have to click on the multiple links one web page? 



1. Try to find the web path/x Path of each links, make it as a wildcard see the screenshot below(high-lighted yellow): (it might differ from your object/application)


2. Make the web Text as Dynamic (scratched in Red), and add a logic to get the value as a text/number 


3. Drag and drop Navigate Action: which looks like this


4. Parameters are the dynamic value which you have got from Step 2, Pass it as a dynamic value which looks something like this: 




5. Try to add a loop to navigate to each and every item/link on the page.




You can download the lastest version of VBO "Utility - General"  present in dx :

Add a new action and call it move cursor like this  : 



For inputs provide this :


Inside the code field put this : 

Cursor.Position = new Point(X,Y);


This code will allow you to move your cursor on the X and Y coordinates that you will provide. For instance yoou can provide 100 for X and 200 for Y it will move for the point without click.


Hope it will help you

Level 4

Sorry for your misunderstandig, but my first question was about the link pasted by "PvD_SE" because I can't open it. Do you know how to open it?

Generally, I am looking for a solution that will allow me to move the mouse cursor around the screen (any movement) to avoid the sleep screen on the monitor/vm -> I can't change this on settings.