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Level 4
Status: Needs More Info

Currently you can send batch metadata from Blue Prism to Decipher, however there is no way to reference the Batch Metadata within a DFD.  There should be a way to reference metadata sent from Blue Prism to Decipher by use of a Formula or some other way. When a business user goes into a document to validate information being extracted, there may be certain data points that are helpful.

The files/batches could be coming from multiple folders which has a distinct way to handle certain items or based on that folder and the value, a validation list/reference from a table would be calculated.

For example in one implementation, we had client names as the folder structure and based on the folder that the document came from, certain fields could be populated based on referencing a database/table. In an ideal world, we would have just passed that information into the metadata and used a formula to then calculate those other fields but instead, a business user had to manually select the client which then calculated some fields based on the database/table causing an extra unnecessary step.


Hi Adam, thanks for submitting this idea.

There is an action in the VBO to attach metadata to a batch in key value pairs. However, as this data is at batch level, it may not give the level of detail that you are looking for on a per document basis. We have seen this request from other customers, in terms of setting metadata at a document level during the upload process.

If you have any further examples of the type of metadata that you would be looking for, please comment further. Otherwise, I'll take this request and look to build into our roadmap for Decipher.

Thanks, Tim.

Level 4

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response....Yeah we use that action but it doesn't have the intended result. If I get a file from Client A folder and I capture client A in the Metadata, I can't display any of the metadata in the DFD which could assist the user in their validation.