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Level 6
Status: New

I would like to have the ability to have Decipher consider the option that a document may not match any document types associated with its batch, and to classify it as 'out of scope' or 'other'.

Currently if a batch type has two document types assigned to it (for example), then when it classifies a document, it splits its 100% confidence between those two types. So, if it is only 5% sure that the document matches type 1, then it is 95% sure that it matches type two by default.

If your document stream contains files that are out of scope (other forms, or photos or email attachments) and don't match any document types associated with the batch type, this can lead to false positives. It also doesn't give you anywhere to 'put' these out of scope documents other than raising them for verification.

I would like a way to indicate that a batch type contains out of scope documents and for decipher to consider matches to all known document types and if the independent confidence level for each match is below a certain threshold, the document can be classified as 'out of scope'.