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Level 3
Status: New

Currently, in Decipher there is no option to see the submitted batches, which can be helpful for what the user has verified and helps to understand if there is any mistake done by the verification user.

There should be a tab available in Decipher with all the submitted batches and once we click on the particular batch it should show the data as like the Data Verification screen with 3 panels for that batch with Page overview, fields, and mapped/verified data. The batches should be grouped with that specific unique identifies for the template as like if it is Purchase Order then it should have to group with the Document Type and then if the multiple PO templates from customer 'ABC' then batches has to be grouped with that customer name with the timeline of the batch.

From this we can achieve the machine learning capability of the Decipher to train that particular document type and update the way of document training through verification.