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Application modeler when executable is in a folder with permissions


Hello all, 

I am trying to run a simple program where I need to essentially just run an executable file after I have given it some parameters. I know you can go to credentials under security like for the foundations exercise, but I don't think this is the same scenario because I am not logging into anything. The permissions to get into the drive that I need are based upon user, so I have access, but when I try to run application modeler to that location it wont bring the screen up so I cant "spy" and label it in the modeler.

I have logic in place that looks for my username and checks if the directory which holds the executable exists. All of that is fine, but I think I somehow have to prove that my username is valid for it to run that exe file and that is where I am getting stuck. Once it will let me map to that location and run the job is done. Also, even though my username is how I have access, the pathway to the drive I need does not mention my username, so I don't just need to change the name on the path to reflect my username. Does anyone have any similar experience or ideas on what needs to be fixed on what I presume is a permissions issue?



Travis Smith

Hello Travis,

I already had a similar problem, I solved it by running Blue Prism with administrator privileges.

Try this method and see if it works for you.


Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil