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Foundation Training - Consolidated Exercise writing to a drop combo box

Level 2

To fill the field Quantity the instruction suggests using navigate to write the value into the drop down list.

In some advice recommend using actions Focus or Select. I cannot find either action in the navigate dialog.

How could I fill the field?


Hi John Rapsey,

If the focus action is not available you need to respy the desired  application  or field and check again in the navigation stage

It looks like you spied inside the filed element try to select  outside box  in the field  and check the focus is available or not.

Just a tip while spying you will see inside or outside of the field you need to play around to find the best one based on the requirement

You can also change the element type in  App modeler and see  focus is available while changing the element type. If it is not your other option is respying 


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Harish Mogulluri