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Community Upgrade: Feedback

Community Team
Community Team

Welcome to our new-look community website!

We've worked in Community management, web design and IT long enough to know that every one uses technology slightly differently, and that sometimes the odd piece of code doesn't run quite as it should.

If you spot any bugs or errors, glitches, strange messages or behaviors, then please post them in the this thread, and the team will investigate.

We've built this website with the future in mind - there's a whole load of updates and connections that we have planned in days, weeks and months to come.

Therefore, if you have any ideas for community improvements - please pop them in the new Community Suggestions area.




@Jignesh-JK wrote:

Yes of course I had earned it 🙂


But it seems that badge type itself is not there, just observation !


Your badge has returned @Jignesh-JK ! Check your profile 🙂