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Michael ONeil: Community Member of the Month - November

By Grace Lanser posted 12-08-2022 13:43

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We are excited to announce our Community member of the month for November @Michael ONeil

In November we saw Michael helping a range of community member with their queries and we want to celebrate him for this work! 

How long have you been using Blue Prism Products?

I have worked with Blue Prism RPA for around 6 years. 

Can you share a project you have worked on?

I've worked on a variety of different projects on many different automations but the best automation I've worked on lately is helping my partner book her driving test. The waiting period for a driving test at the moment is phenomenal (over a year!) so I set up a Digital Worker to continuously check for available dates within the next few months and notify me as soon as new as new ones were available so we didn't have to sit at our computers day and night. She has now passed her driving test. 

Tell us something about you you we don't know?

I have a full scale captain america shield hanging pride of place in my home office. 

What made you choose a career in RPA/Automation? 

I was working as a programer in a different area but I didn't enjoy it much, I didn't feel challenged. The opportunity came up to more to a newly formed RPA team and it felt like the right opportunity. I have not looked back since. 

If you could what advice would you of given yourself at the beginning of the year?

Jump into the Technology feet first! It's better to learn by doing than reading how other people have done something. 




12-28-2022 16:14

Thanks @Neeraj Kumar

12-20-2022 17:47

congrats Michael. I always learn something new-from your  post.

12-08-2022 20:43

Thank you @Grace Lanser for this and thank you @Srihari Kodi​​

12-08-2022 16:59

Congratulations Michel..

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