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This community covers the core Blue Prism RPA product.

  • 1.  Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 08-08-2022 08:31
    Have any questions on what SS&C Blue Prism Chorus is about?

    How it fits with the wider SS&C Blue Prism Portfolio and how BPM and RPA can work hand-in-hand to enhance your integrated intelligent automation stack?

    Then join us alongside Chorus and BPM experts on September 14th to get all of your questions answered!

    About Chorus:
    SS&C Blue Prism Chorus is the newly integrated intelligent automation platform that brings together an award-winning digital workflow solution, an AI-driven document automation technology, and a leading-edge technologies to create transformational, and ROI-driven client solutions. Chorus is purpose-built for complex, regulated industries such as banking, financial services, insurance and healthcare. It is designed to increase straight-through processing, reduce operational risk, enhance digital customer journeys and accelerate innovation.

    So, how does this session work?
    1) Register for the live event to save your spot and download the calendar event here
    2) Enter any questions you have on the topic into this thread – advance questions are encouraged and prioritized
    3) Join this live event on September 14, 2022 at 3pm GMT
    4) Our experts will answer any questions that have been asked ahead of time and will be on standby to answer any new questions that come in live during the call
    5) Keep an eye on this thread for any updates and an event recap following the session

    Grace Lanser
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

  • 2.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 08-10-2022 08:19
    Hello Grace - Registered. Excited to hear on Chorus.

    Neeraj Kumar
    Technical Architect

  • 3.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 08-19-2022 14:23
    In case you missed it, we hosted our roadmap update this week - you can watch the recording of the event here, as it already gives you a glimpse of what Chorus is, and may give you some ideas of a few questions to ask during our Ask us Anything WITH the amazing talent from the Chorus team!

    Some of the questions we'll be looking at answering are:
    - From @Shirley Zhang: Will there also be Chorus integration with Service Assist?
    - From @Robin Wylie: Do you need a licence for Chorus for UX builder?
    - From Milos at SLAM: Can we use Chorus right now ? In alpha.
    - From an anonymous source: What will the integration between BPPI and Chorus actually deliver from a practical perspective?

    We've been getting some great enablement here as we welcome the SS&C Chorus team into the wider Blue Prism family, and I have to say: it's exciting! 


    Charlotte Kennett
    Sr. Director, Global Customer Experience
    SS&C Blue Prism

  • 4.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 08-21-2022 20:58
    Hey @Grace Lanser,

    Really excited to hear on Chorus !!​

    Manpreet Kaur

  • 5.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 09-08-2022 14:22
    This product also has an additional license cost to Blue Prims license ?

    Silvina Montemartini
    Head RPA
    Buenos Aires

  • 6.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 09-12-2022 16:14
    Hello Community! we're looking forward to this conversation about our exciting new orchestration, IDP, and user enablement tools and answering your questions about how they can be used to bring Digital Workers into new areas of your businesses!

    Be sure to drop your questions below and we will see you all this week.


    Eric Bradnam

  • 7.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 09-27-2022 13:08
    Thank you to everyone who asked a question both here in our thread and live during the event,. If you didn't catch the live event we have have uploaded a recording in the Chorus Community library, and we have shared a recap of all the answered questions on in a community blog. 

    Many thanks

    Grace Lanser
    Community Associate
    Blue Prism

  • 8.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 09-27-2022 14:13

    I did join the presentation, hoping to find out what Chorus actually is. I wasn't gonna buy it, but if I don't know what it is, I'll never get to consider it it could be any good for our business. After half an hour there was still no clue, so I left, leaving a note.

    That said, it would be kinda nice to know what I'm missing out on. Unfortunately, the BP website does not give away any clues either.

    Bringing out new products is one thing, but we're not all in a position to download the community version and play with it to find out more - I'm not. In such cases, I find a description of the product would greatly contribute to understanding its basics, and from there I might possibly get curious enough to consider a next step. As it is, I'm still kinda  curious to find out what it does but there'll be no next step. Now, don't start explaining in this thread what ought to be on the interweb. 

    Here's just a thought:
    Could it be a novel idea to add descriptions of products BP tries to sell to the website? And I mean a description-description, not a sales pitch telling me how buying the product will expand my sales to the point that I can sit back, relax and count my money. The ol' interweb is already packed with stuff like that and I'm still not sitting back i a relaxed manner and counting my money.

    Happy coding!

  • 9.  RE: Ask Us Anything about SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus!

    Posted 09-27-2022 15:59
    Hi @Paul JHM van Doorn

    ​Feedback is important, it's important for us to know what people really think, Without it, we can't course-correct, we can't prioritise, we can't fix.

    Yes, there is a lot that we can do to pull things together and improve. Our positioning, our message, and even our websites are right up there priority-wise in the things that are in motion as we speak, as the SS&C Chorus BPM platform joins the Blue Prism offering.
    (More info on SS&C Chorus on the SS&C website here, while we build everything out on the Blue Prism website.)

    Bear with us, as you know, the business has gone through a lot of (good) change with our recent acquisition, and the wider marketing and product organizations are working tirelessly behind the scenes to do just that. 

    This "ask me anything" was our way of opening the dialogue, identifying gaps in terms of content, and answering questions. Not to sell. To let you know what we have under the hood.

    We want to do more of these types of events, and will take on board the note about scene-setting so that you don't feel the need to leave after 30min.

    Hope this helps with context, and sorry that we're not yet in a position to let you sit back, relax and count your money ;)

    Charlotte Kennett
    Sr. Director, Global Customer Experience
    SS&C Blue Prism

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