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'Native Messaging Host' failing to launch

Level 3
We are currently undergoing an upgrade from v6.10.2 to v7.1.1. Installation has been carried out into our Test environment - application server, database, and one robotic resource. Chrome is up to date (version 105.0, 32-bit), and extension is also (v7.1)

I have started a support ticket around this issue, but no response after 24 hours. Perhaps a community member might be able to assist more speedily?

During regression testing we have found the new component 'Native Messaging Host' does not launch. It is never present in Task Manager panel. This in turn means the Chrome Browser extension is not detected (Ironically, the upgrade was to address the unresolved extension bug).

Per the guides in support center, I have checked that the Chrome extension is enabled and is the appropriate version, that the manifest is correctly formed, and have attempted a 'repair' operation on the install. No luck.
- [FirstName]

Level 3
Further information, for anyone that comes across this error in future.

Manually launching Chrome from cmd prompt using the following parameters:
start chrome --enable-logging --v=1​
we are returned a warning message that the incompatible version of BluePrism.messagingHost.exe was in place.

My runtime resource is 32-bit (x86). We installed the correct version (BluePrism7.1.1_x86.msi).

It looks like the Blue Prism package came with a 64-bit version of the messaging host instead. Baffling.
- [FirstName]