Take part in shaping the future of SS&C Blue Prism

Community Team
Community Team

The product research program is a community initiative that opens the door to product research and innovation. It’s a program that allows us to listen closely to what our customers need when they’re creating and scaling their digital workforce.

Launched in 2020, the program has grown to have 650 users, all ranging from different companies, roles, experience and all with different use cases. This diversity allows us to get a better understanding of how our products are being used. The good news is we’re always looking for more people sign up to get involved in sharing their feedback too. If you see yourself helping shape the future of SS&C Blue Prism, continue reading to find out how you can sign up.

Since I joined in January, we’ve carried out several research projects for different products, including Blue Prism Enterprise, Interact, Application Modeller, Control Room and more. The different methodologies include surveys, user interviews, usability tests, focus groups and ideation workshops.

If you’d like to get involved it’s easy to sign up and take part.

Step 1. Sign up!
Fill-in this form to let us know you’re interested in being involved in future SS&C Blue Prism and intelligent automation user research.

Step 2. Keep an eye on your inbox
We’ll reach out by email to qualify your current use and experience with S&C Blue Prism and give you more details about that specific piece of research. We may also send you surveys to get a better understanding of how you’re using our products, as well as your level of satisfaction with Blue Prism.

Step 3. Join-in
Once our Product Research team has ensured you’re the right fit for the project, we’ll invite you to the research activity. Most will be done online via Teams, but we may invite you to join us at one of our offices around the world. Of course, we’ll make sure to share all the details so you know what to expect.

Step 4. Get rewarded
Once your participation is complete, we’ll give you a small token of our appreciation that you can redeem against some shiny Blue Prism branded items, charity donations or experiences. You’ll also get a Community ribbon and community coin to showcase proudly on your profile. And of course, have our eternal gratitude for helping us shape the future of intelligent automation.

If you’d like to find out more, visit our page here and sign up!