Unlocking Success: Top Tips for Entering the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards 2024


Unlocking Success: Top Tips for Entering the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards 2024 

As we embark on another year, we're thrilled to kick off like we’ve done for the last 8 years: with the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards! We’re celebrating (and spotlighting) your innovative achievements. Many of you might already have an award-worthy process. So how, you might be wondering, do you transform this into an award-winning entry?  
Lucky for you, I’m here to answer that question! In this blog, we’re sharing our top five tips and tricks to help you craft an award-winning entry that does justice to your work. We'll even showcase some fantastic entries from last year. Let's dive into the insights that will elevate your excellence and help you enter the awards “Hall of Fame” in 2024! 

Tips for Crafting Your Winning Entry 


Hit the high points:

  • Treat your application as an executive-level summary or report.
  • Communicate your strategy and process with enough meaningful detail to create an impact without overwhelming the judges. 

Be concise and use evidence: 

  • Explain facts in straightforward terms, backed by data and evidence.


Make sure to tell the full story! Include the impact and outcomes:

  • Define the objectives in your business case.
  • Highlight additional or unexpected benefits realized from your implementation, categorized under “Efficiency, Effectiveness and Enablement”. 
Don’t forget your metrics: 
  • Be specific about business outcomes and impact.
  • Use percentages, fractions and multiples to convey scale.
  • Metrics are powerful – our judges love them! 
  • All judging is done in English. 
  • We recommend using Google Translate (or equivalent) as a resource if needed! 


Next Steps

Don't miss the chance to stand out, be recognized and join the ranks of excellence. Submit your entry now and let us celebrate your innovation on the grand stage. Your time is now, and your story is waiting to be told!  
Finally, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some notable examples of all the points above. Check out these customer stories highlighting the remarkable achievements of those making a significant impact in their respective fields. 
If you have any questions, please share them in this thread.
Ready to start your awards journey? Be sure to view our award category breakdown  to find your fit, then submit your entry here. 
Good Luck! 
Want to hear more?  Jesse Tutt of Alberta Health Services, one of our judges this year is here to tell you why he continues to be involved in the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards. To hear from him, simply press play on the video below!