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Microsoft 365 Excel Write Excel

Level 4
have implemented a process where a collection hast to be written to an Excel. As a test I created an Excel with the name TestExcel.xlsx and the table “Tabelle1”.
The Excel can be found, because I can copy it or read data out of it. But writting from a collection to the Excel does not work.
There is no error message. Everything looks fine. But, the collection is not written to Excel. 
I use the actions Authenticate, Open Workbook, Write Collection and Close Workbook.
Could it be a permission problem? Attached you can find the BP API permissions.
Thanks for your help.




Dear @EasyBluePrism 

Could you please elaborate the steps that what you're doing with the excel VBO's for writing the data into excel?

have you passed the exact inputs for the Write collection action? Or else use write collection as fast.

Dear @faheemsd 


The actions looks like this:


Important: I am talking about Microsoft 365 Excel not about the standard Excel VBO!

My page looks as follows:




You'll need more permissions than those I believe. Is this Excel being created within your own OneDrive or on a SharePoint site? Are you using an Application Access token or Delegated Access token?

That’s what I suspect too. The question is, what kind of permissions?
It is a Sharepoint Site.
We use Application Access Token.

@EasyBluePrism you'll probably want to look at the Sites.* and Files.* permissions.



@ewilson Thanks, but I don’t understand that. Where do I have to do what? Does this concern the BP Web API Permissions or where exactly do I have to change which Permissions?

@EasyBluePrism the necessary permissions are applied via the Azure Portal, now known as the Microsoft Entra Admin Center I believe.




@ewilson It still does not work yet. I have defined the following permissions:


It is not clear to me which of your depicted permits the robot needs and which not. The problem is, I have to submit an application to IT for every permission. That’s why I should know exactly what permissions I need. For Example openid I suppose will not solve the problem, right?


@EasyBluePrism the screenshots I posted are simply an example of where you set the permissions. You'll need to review Microsoft's available permissions to determine the specific set required for your use case. That's why I suggested you review the Files.* and Sites.* permissions sets. If you're going to work with the Graph API, it's important to understand the available permissions which you can find listed here: