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DDE Element

Hello Community Member,

I am looking for use of DDE element w.r.t Mainframe application. How to use it. Pros and cons of this feature.

I tried searching information on Community and BPU but could not find much information.

Neeraj Kumar
Technical Architect

Level 8
Hi @Neeraj Kumar,

I did some info on DDE elements . ​However , I didn't have legacy tool to check on. 

DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange  is a Microsoft technology supported by a number of legacy applications. Mechanism  existed since windows version 3.1 

DDE provides an additional mechanism for reading and writing data to target applications , as an alternative to interfacing with presentation layer.

Main usage -
DDE data fields are identified using three settings : the server name , the topic name and the item name . Its only three pieces info available of a DDE.

Data to be sent - 
Data sent to/from DDE by blue prism is treated as text . you may override how data  is treated by setting some new data type against in application modeler. 
valid options available - date, date time , Flag ,Number , Text, Time and Time Span

Shikhar Mishra
RPA Lead
Infosys Pvt Ltd
Shikhar Mishra RPA Lead Infosys