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Blue Prism 7 Infrastructure Data Sheet with Hub?

Level 3
Hello everyone,

I have an infrastructure meeting next week and I couldn´t find the Infrastructure Data Sheet for 7.0, as we used to have for 6.X. At least not with Hub included.

I´d need something visual to explain the infrastructure requirements difference between going with the regular Control Room (and no Hub installed), and the Web Based Control room (and the additional required infra from Hub).

Also, it´s not clear to me if this infrastructure would need to be duplicated if we had a separate development environment. (Hub db, web server, etc)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Level 3
Hi Jerin,

I appreciate that but what I´m looking for is a diagram of all requirements combined. The link you provided only shows the core requirements.

Let´s say I want to install BP7, Hub, Decipher, Interact. I don´t have a visual diagram of the requirements and how they connect to each other. I don´t know if I can use the same server for multiple services. I don´t know what redundancy I would need for a development environment.

The requirements are fragmented and not visual. For BP6 we had the Infrastructure Data Sheet, that covered everything I mentioned above, including multiple environments for development and test.


Hi Thiago,
Good Day!
Please find the below diagram for your reference.

36854.pngLink : Installation videos (

Level 3
Hello Ram! That´s a helpful diagram and I appreciate it.
It shows what should be installed, but what I am missing is where they should be installed.

Looking at the image below which I extracted from 6.7 Infrastructure Data Sheet, we can see how many servers we will need for the core installation.
Let´s say I want to install Hub and Decipher as well. Minimum requirements say I´ll need a DB, Web server, Msg broker, etc. So what I wanted to see was an image like the one below showing how many addicional servers (HW) I´ll need for them, and how they connect.
Also, note that the image shows separate environments for Dev / UAT and Production. How would this infrastructure look if we had Hub and Decipher? Would I need 2 Web Servers? 2 Hub SQL DBs? Where does Decipher go? etc.