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Blue Prism License?

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Hello Team, Could you please share the detail on Blue Prism Licenses. 1) How many types of licenses are there in Blue Prism? 2) What are the license calculation model for Cloud based infrastructure? 2) How Blue Prism licenses cost is calculated €“ Daily or Monthly or Hourly? 3) If requirement is for additional BP license only for 1 day, Can we take extra license on days basis and release it afterwards? Regards, Satish Agrawal

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Hi Satish, These questions should be asked to your Blue Prism, or Partner Account Manager. - Tom

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Could you please share the email address. thanks, -Satish Agrawal

Why is this topic so shady? If someone ask us about our product BP license & cost which we are using from a long time, why don't we have a clear answer to this? Is there any problem sharing the details here. I dont want to reach someone but want to find out the details from google/portal, will that not be provided?

sapna soni
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