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EDGE: The port establishing the connection to the browser extension cannot be opened

Level 2
My process opens 2 Edge windows: application A and application B. Application B gives error "The port establishing the connection to the browser extension cannot be opened" soon after startup. As soon as it is done with launch and login actions that are within one object and goes to another object to use the application this error occurs (attach method via PID remains the same between the objects).

This error occurs only on application B and never on application A. It can rarely be reproduced by running the application in Studio but happens with most (not all) scheduled runs. I have even tried retries for launch sequence for app B and switching launch order for the 2 applications.

Why would one application give this error and not the other? And only during scheduled runs and not from Studio?


Level 4
May be this could give some inputs

Anil Kumar Juttada RPA Business Analyst
RPA Business Systems Analyst
CDK Global

Thanks Anil, but this thread seems to address a different error message "The browser extension was not detected".  Also to add, I am using BP and Extension version 6.10.3

Eero Pajunen
Solutions Consultant
Digital Workforce Solutions Oy

Check if you have below setting unchecked


Dominik Pełka

If all the above settings have been tried and incase the issue still persists, kill the PIDs(Process IDs) connected to that particular port number by using the below command from command prompt or you can create batch file and call the batch file from your processes.

From command prompt:

for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| find ":31924" ^| find "LISTENING"') do taskkill /f /pid %a

From Batch file:

for /f "tokens=5" %%a in ('netstat -aon ^| find ":31924" ^| find "LISTENING"') do taskkill /f /pid %%a