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Firefox Browser Launch Issue.

Level 2

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping someone can assist with the following issue.

We are currently planning an upgrade from BPV6.8 to BPV7.1.2. However, when attempting to launch a Firefox instance in Blue Prism, I encounter the following error:

"The browser extension was not detected. Please check that it has been installed and enabled. For more information, refer to the browser extension user guide: [link]"

Blue Prism Version: BP V7.1.2 Firefox Version: 114.0

I can confirm that the extension is installed since I have previously spied and run automations on Firefox using this machine.

I'm hoping someone else in this forum has encountered and resolved this issue before. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

RPA developer
Vigilant Technologies

Hi Dinesh,

Since the firefox version you are using  iscompatable to blue prism version  . Did you get chance to restart the VM or Resource and start from the scratch and see whether it is still throwing exception . 

If it doesnot work. Is it posibel for you to  share how you are selected in App modeller and launch the application in Firefox?

If I answered your query. Please mark it as the "Best Answer"

Harish M
Lead developer
America/New_York TX
If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri

Hi Dinesh,

Could you please refer to the below troubleshooting guide and see if you can fix the issue? 

Troubleshooting browser integration (

Athiban Mahamathi ,
Technical Consultant