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How to download a specific subjects attachment in mail

Level 4

Below is my process flow which is able to extract subject and body text from google account.But i want to download a specific mail's attachment what is the process for it.


Pranith Pashikanti

Hi Pranith Pashikanti,

You can use save attachment in pop3/SMTP to get the attachment.
Also you can utilize MS outlook save attachment or Attachments



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Harish M
Lead developer
America/New_York TX
If I answered your query. Please mark it as the Best Answer

Harish Mogulluri

My point is if i want to save a emails with subject "X" and  attachment in my local system in a specified folder how should i do it not for all the mails.

Pranith Pashikanti

To download attachments for you case the flow will be some thing like below

1. Configure - you have already done i guess refer point 1 in Screen Shot
2. List Message 2 in SS to get all mails from inbox and stored in Emails Collection 6 in SS
3. Filter collection 3 in SS with subject you want "[Subject] like '%Blue Prism%'" i used like operator you can use "=" if you want to filter exact subject and store  filteredColl 7 in SS
4. Loop through filteredColl 4 in SS
5. Save Attachments 5 in SS to save the attachments from mail inputs will be for MessageID [Collectionname.MessageID] , in my case [FilteredColl.MessageID] and for folder will be like ex "C:\Users\something\Desktop\" you have provide as per your requirement

Hope this helps


Lakshmi Narayana