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Work queue

Hi,Am trying to get the number of exception items from BP queue with particular string under the Tag value using Get Report Data under the work queue object.The Tag value is not unique and I am trying to pass it as query. Please let me know how to pa...

Excel Split macro

I have an excel split macro file, it splits a file which contains data of around 25,000, the data is split into batches of 150 each. The batch file is in .csv format. The input file data keeps increasing weekly. But the concern is that after preparin...

Regarding Use of Blue Prism 7.1.2 Version

Hello,We are going to start building the Blue Prism infra on Azure cloud for new customer.Need some suggestions on Blue Prism Version to use, if we can directly go for Blue Prism v7.1.2 client installation over the Azure resources as this version rel...

esaugos by Level 6
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Format the body of outlook email.

Hello,I have just wanted to ask; if there is any way to format the long text of the body when I send it usingMS Outlook Email VBO::Send Email.  ------------------------------Saja Ismael------------------------------

Web API HTTP POST Request | Missing content-type boundary

Hi everyone,  I'm trying to upload two files to an API endpoint with the Web AP Services. I'm using a POST Multiple Files action, but I keep getting a Status 400 error which states: [Failed to read the request form. Missing content-type boundary.]   ...

swind by Level 2
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Citrix Automation via Blue Prism

As I could see the 'Blue Prism 7.0 Citrix integration' document where it has mentioned that Blue Prism should be installed in the VDE that we are automating.  Is that Blue Prism application need to install? Also, it has mentioned that "Blue Prism com...

[Webinar] Q1 Product Roadmap | Content & Q&A

Thank you for joining us on the 2nd of February for our Product Vision and Roadmap Update session. The content is available on-demand below. We ran 2 sessions to cater for our global audience. The content is the same, the only difference is the con...



Hi folks,It is not every week that I got some time over to explore the community pages. Today I 'found' something called Libraries. As there seem to be almost 800 of them, they cannot be all that trivial. When browsing them, I think I recognized some...

PvD_SE by Level 12
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Enterprise Service Management System

HiI wish to find out if Blue Prism has an Enterprise Service Management Solution?I am currently researching on getting a modern system that will improve the overall IT service management and delivery process by employing robotic processes and automat...

BluePrism Hub Setup Wizard ended Prematurely

Hi Community, I am trying to install Hub in Windows 2019 server. I have followed all the pre-requisites for hub installation but still Hub is not getting installed properly and failing with below error can anyone help on this? Thanks in Advance.Error...

Gopip by Level 2
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