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Issue in Spying Command Prompt form object

Level 6
Hi team, i am trying to Pass Commands to Command Prompt from Object ie first by Starting the Command Prompt then latter i am Trying to Spy Command Prompt but i am not bale to read the Details that are present in Command Prompt it give me empty value plus i am not able to sent commands to command Prompt As well.. If some one have already tried the spy command prompt from object and tried to pass and retrive data from Command Prompt .please let me know how did u Achive it. Thanks Manoj

Hi Manoj

What spying mood you are using to pass command to command prompt?

The viable option would be Surface Automation. You can run a command such as using Start Process action in the environment utility object  instead of using the CMD window, then you can capture the response. You could then copy and paste the output to a text file as part of the command. 

Hope this helps.


In Joe Khor
Sr. Product Consultant
Blue Prism
In Joe Khor Sr. Product Consultant Blue Prism