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Launch website with token in header

Level 2

We need to login to a website using a username password and a token.  The token needs to be passed in the header of the HTML.   Can I pass this to the browser with the 'launch' action on the navigate?  Is there another object I should be using?

I have successfully tested this by creating a API in Blue prism to POST the HTML and get a good response back, but this API POST does not launch the website interactivly.  

Any ideas?

Here are some details on the website we are trying to log into to: 

Walmart Retail link.


How about creating a URL in the data item and then navigating to it directly using the navigate action?



Is it secure to add a token to a url?  I was reading that it is not. 



It is not entirely clear from the article on how the bot can utilise the response received from the REST API call to log onto the website. It should not be technically possible for a REST call to launch a website. I would think something needs to be done with the payload node you got back from the call. More information might be needed to get the full picture. Is there any official documentation around the full end-to-end process?

I just tried to save a token URL as a password data item and used it to navigate and looks like it worked.



Please check if this workaround helps in this case.