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error 0x80070012 while launching IE browser

Hi All,

I am getting Launch' - There are no more files. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070012) error while launching Edge, PFA screenshot. I tried changing TabProcGrowth values for both user and local machine but still getting error, has anyone able to solve it?

Level 15
It might be worth experimenting with other ways of doing the same?    Maybe try launching IE using command line options instead (start process action) and then build an action that attaches to the running application once it is up and running.

Obviously that does not answer the problem about the error you are seeing,  but it is often quicker to just move on to try other things.

One question for you!  How come you are developing something new using Internet Explorer which is past it's end of life.   I would recommend everything new you do in Blue Prism uses Chrome or Edge.

This error is thrown when you pass IE exe file location in app modeller. If you update path to Edge browser it will work fine.